Laser Plumbing Christchurch East specialise in the installations and maintenance of plumbing systems in the rural sector, servicing all of Christchurch's suburbs and surrounding areas. 

We value the importance of having all plumbing systems, installations and equipment working efficiently for the management of farming operations. This is why we strive to provide 'Totally Dependable' plumbing services to clients in the rural areas.

Our rural plumbing services include:

  • Creation of water storage system, pumps, and internal piping
  • Design and install septic tank and effluent disposal systems
  • Connect homes to effluent disposal systems through sewer piping and drainage
  • Storm water reticulation and disposal
  • Grey water systems
  • Subsoil drainage system moving water from wet sites (retaining walls, etc)

Laser Plumbing Christchurch East can take care of the plumbing needs in the rural sector, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.